Through Infinity is a multinational progressive rock and electronic music band, formed in 2017. It has been founded by a Croatian guitarist, songwriter and composer Josip Pešut, as a catalyst of a debut instrumental album „The Life“.

The core band formation includes Josip Pešut on guitars and electronics, Tomo Bačurin, a producer and an owner of Longplay Studio in Zagreb, on keyboards, and diverse bassist Tomislav Lacković. The remaining members came along during the recording process, and continued with creative contribution ever since; regionally renowned drummer Damir Šomen, a Belgian guitarist and guitar school owner Antony Reynaert, Macedonian traditional instruments and woodwind players Safiudin Alimoski and his daughter Đulijana Alimoski.

Album „The Life“ has been attempted with studio recording for three times, and some of the songs originate even 8 years before it's final release in October 2017. It features 11 songs highlighting electric guitar, piano and flute performances, with each track depicting diverse emotional states and life experiences authors have gone through.

The band has an ambition to support it's musical statement with a visual one, by releasing storylined music videos for many of tracks they've released.

Josip Pešut
Guitars & electronics
Tomo Bačurin
Tomislav Lacković
Bass guitar
Damir Šomen
Drums & percussions
Antony Reynaert
Safiudin Alimoski
Kaval & guitars
Đulijana Alimoski