"The Life"

The instrumental album "The Life" is our debut release, featuring eleven diverse songs. They were written and recorded in a long period of 8 years, and that explains the vertical infinity sign within the band logo on the album cover. 

1. Try To Find The Hope (5:31)
2. Sight Of An Eagle (4:00)
3. Freedom (9:20)
4. The Life (5:55)
5. The Life - Diamond's Rendition (2:30)
6. Aural Spectrum (5:11)
7. Eliza (3:39)
8. Our Feeling (5:03)
9. Shine (4:24)
10. Godly Energy (6:48)
11. Holy Streams (3:51)

There's a whole story about many attempts to make this album a reality, connected with the different ways and personal reasons band members got together in the first place and that's where the extreme difference between songs came to an effect  Each track is a monument to a specific moment in their lives, depicted by expressive individual performances.

"Try To Find The Hope" is a rollercoaster ride between bold, vigorous and lone, dark emotions, portrayed by swift, yet melodic Josip's guitar leads, contrasted with colorful Diamond's keyboard lines. It's a track we hold close to our hand when thinking about live setlist, as it's incredibly powerful sounding live. Then we come to a track Josip wrote years ago during time he was running one of his first bands "Same Destinies". The demo dating from that time featured a vocalist, but to keep the instrumental spirit of the album, we decided to give it a shot and make it work with Diamonds gentle piano leads, holding a dialogue with Josip's screaming guitars. "Freedom" is a song to close your eyes to and simply enjoy the journey. It's a landscape of deep sonic meadows where you can wander off and chase your most inner thoughts. We didn't want to make any instrument explicitly stand out for the sake of not making a distraction, but rather serving the meaning of the song. 

Then, the arpeggiators make a mellow pass between songs to land on "The Life". This version of the song is totally different from the original version, dating from the time Josip participated on "Croatia Got Talent" show. We wanted a lot of space for the song to develop and the chorus got more modern arrangement and another main melody. This is the song we like to play on repeat when driving long roads... The song ends with a chorus, and then begins Diamond's piano rendition. He wanted to describe a side of life we tend to oversee; the pointless, blank and surreal struggle between keeping hope and letting it all go. This is a heavy song to listen to, if you're as sensitive as we are.

 "Aural Spectrum" was demoed as a goa-trance track with computer drum loops. Damir Somen really kicked ass on this one, and pulled the song up for 23 stories. We've never imagined it would sound like this in the end, and we're glad to be positively surprised with the final version. At one point, it's been a complete chaos of overplayed instruments and way too complex synths, but we believe we figured it out how to make it work. After it comes "Eliza", which is a gentle, bluesy track Antony and Josip wrote for Antony's daughter. It's an emotive guitar track detailed by many subtle melodic lines. A track to close your eyes to and simply let go of everything...

"Our Feeling" is a guitar love song Josip wrote many years before the album got released. This version is not so different from the original, as we really digged the catchy guitar melodies and solos. After it comes our first single "Shine", with an upbeat arrangement of modern synths, synchronized with guitars and back up by firm backbone of the band on the rhythm. "Godly Energy" is one of the track we didn't really know what we'll do with, so we just improvised and gave it a go. It's supposed to be a melodic goa trance, and in the end it turned into a fusion of many genres, ideas and aural atmospheres. Starting and ending with ominous drone sitar melodies, it hides a whole spectrum of musicality in between. We decided to close the album with a flute-based track "Holy Stream" Josip wrote with an idea to make video game music. This song represent an ambiental or world music direction we can take at any time, if we let ourselves do it. It's completed by a kaval solo Safiudin Alimoski played without knowing it would be a final statement of the album.

The album got to see the light of the day on 24th of October, 2017. The band published it by their own label and digital distribution.

So, if you're our fan, you are indeed deeply valued by every one of us, and if you would like to have a signed jewel case copy of the album in your hands, feel free to check it at our web shop!

But, we honestly don't know what to announce to our potential listeners and prepare them on what to expect, except to give themselves a chance to embrace the coziness and the calm this album carries inside it's most chaotic and turbulent outsides. We believe this is a decent first step in the world we tend to make our own, in a small place you can close your eyes and go to, anytime and anywhere, and stay there, through infinity...