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Developed from close friendships, the tightness of band members’ bonds has allowed longevity necessary for an in-depth understanding not only of each other but of the music envisioned in the author’s drafts. With explicit proneness to experiment in the genre diversity, although focused on progressive rock, the band seeks its uniqueness, readily awaiting creative obstacles as challenges, and the result is audible in the numerous releases; some published, some to be published in the coming times.  

Live lineup

Even though Through Infinity songs often demand musicianship that can only be sourced from the finest session players in the industry, sometimes involving instrumentalists unavailable for live performances, the permanent core is what defines the broad sound and style.

Mario Huljev

Lead singer

Josip Pesut

Guitarist, songwriter

Tomislav Lackovic


Tomo Bacurin


Nick Bashota



“Through Infinity was my band’s name, tied loosely to the perennial number eight; how many years it took us to complete our debut album, the eternal spin inside the vortex of passion, and the legacy to the future; the author’s art prevailing his existence.”


Release Date: 29th of July, 2022


Published in December of 2017, the band’s debut album featured eleven unique instrumentals, each capturing the major chapters of its author’s life. The overpowering emotions, the personality-shaping experiences, and the everlasting memories contained therein, when evoked in the clinical studio environment, created a nearly spiritual bond between the carefully picked musicians. The first and foremost aspect of the production was to emphasize the ambiance through which one might have gone before eventually refining it into a song. Then, there was the highlight of each member’s God-given talent honed by professionality.

Through Acoustic Infinity VOl 1

Published in April of 2019, this collection of songs played in an intimate acoustic atmosphere, has made it into the hands of Abbey Road Studios producer Andrew Walter, who mastered the mix the band’s own Tomo Bacurin had mixed at Longplay Studio in Zagreb. This album features songs that were to announce the forthcoming albums featuring a powerhouse vocalist Mario Huljev … but got postponed due to numerous circumstances emerging from the pandemic. Thus, those songs rose to life in an acoustic arrangement prior to the classic, full-lineup orchestration. It is a soothing voyage through the emotions portrayed with raw virtuosity and passion.  

Latest news

We would like to thank everyone who came to the promotion that we held at Wine Bar Galerija in Zagreb on the 28th of July because they made it a very special night, where the party spun into the late hours as we celebrated the release […]
Hereby, we’re inviting anyone who’s interested in a unique promotion of the upcoming Through Infinity albums and the debut novels and novellas written by Josip Pesut. The event will be held on the 28th of July at Wine Bar Galerija, Velika Cesta 72, 10000 Odra, Zagreb, […]
Last night we had the privilege of spending some quality with Lance Powell, one of the world’s renowned, Grammy-nominated producers who can, as he says it on his website (, shamelessly drop a list of his clients including Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Mary J […]

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