Last night we had the privilege of spending some quality with Lance Powell, one of the world’s renowned, Grammy-nominated producers who can, as he says it on his website (, shamelessly drop a list of his clients including Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Mary J Blige, Peter Gabriel, Carlos Santana, Rita Ora, etc. He happened to be on the tour with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, and needed a proper studio to finish some of the mixes he was working on, so he called up our producer (and keyboardist), to do the job at his Longplay studio Zagreb.

After he was done, we hung out at the local bar and shared a couple of words. Approachable and open as we all happened to be, we had a very good time, exchanging thoughts and experiences, mostly those belonging to the music world. Although, when you bring two such dedicated production enthusiast at the table, you also get to learn a lot about studio gear … and you cannot possibly presume how deep that rabbit hole can get.

All in all, it was pure pleasure having him in Zagreb. Next time, we’ll meet in Malibu! 🙂

We wish Lance best luck in his future projects!


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