After the pandemic practically demolished his plans and canceled all the existing business arrangements, Josip Pesut found himself facing a two-year hiatus when he could work on himself by putting together an autobiography. From the darkest period of his life, he managed to extract a ray of light, as he learned that writing was one of his untapped talents, fulfilling him artistically as much as playing guitar or composing music. The result was a multitude of novels, novellas, and novelettes; some already released, some yet unreleased, and some never to be released.

The first book to see the light of the day was ‘Nubian Pearls’, an adventurous romance novel about a guy who’d lost everything he cared for in his life and accepted an archeologist job in a distant Sudan so he’d avoid falling under the effect of suicidal thoughts and depression. Once he got there, he learned about an ancient Nubian treasure, being buried somewhere on the excavation sites where he had gotten assigned. The rumor put him in serious trouble, especially when he mentioned them in a song he wrote about a beautiful black and blue-eyed girl he saw but thought was only an apparition … while she was the daughter of a man willing to take his life. In desperation, he started writing poems, and romance found itself amid the dire dangers and unexpected destinies.

Simultaneously, Josip wrote a number of novels and novelettes, building a sci-fi storyline revolving around the characters he had made for his Space Factions franchise, telling how the collision of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies brought its unexpected burdens as the extremely violent races found the wormhole corridors to begin their expansion, and thus, obliteration of the weaker creatures. Trillions and trillions of lives are at stake, even after the First Wave has ended in the favor of the Alliance, formed by all factions of the Milky Way galaxy. The stories speak of adventures that the main characters of the species have gone through while battling the invading, Red Faction and dealing with the circumstances emerging from the various celestial and/or internal events.

Self-published books