The intimate show at the theater in Travno; the relatively quiet quart of Zagreb, played an important role in tour preparations as we had over twenty dates booked across Europe at the time, most of them in the UK. Our goal was to accurately portray what Through Infinity is all about to the audience that would wait for us on the road, and if COVID-19 hasn’t rocked the world instead of rock-n-roll, we sure would’ve had the times of our lives. Even though the tour has gotten postponed (three times, and in the end – canceled), we have at least recorded this concert, making it a permanent reminder of how much devotion and faith it takes to make a substantial step forward and make something out of nothing. Foremost, we are immensely thankful to the audience who had listened to our songs and clapped heartily at their endings. What we can do is promise an encore of equally memorable shows in the coming times, when the world settles back into its place and gives fertile ground for our envisioned ventures.


  • Mario Huljev – vocals
  • Josip Pesut – electric guitar
  • Nick Bashota – drums
  • Tomislav Lackovic – bass guitar
  • Tomo Bacurin ‘Diamond’ – keyboards and piano
  • Giuliana Alimoski – flute


  • Drago Smokrovic ‘Smokva’ – recording
  • Tomo Bacurin ‘Diamond’ – mix and mastering (Longplay Studio, Zagreb)


  1. The Afterlife
  2. Still Not Enough
  3. Stay Strong (Try To Find The Hope)
  4. Side By Side
  5. The Stardust Sign
  6. Didn’t Even Make A Sound
  7. Our Feeling
  8. Dreaming Of Victories
  9. No Tears Can Replace You
  10. Only One Thing
  11. Floating Through Hopes
  12. Aural Spectrum
  13. Shine
  14. Only Time Will Tell (Eliza)
  15. Lu
  16. Holy Streams
  17. The Sight Of An Eagle
  18. The Life (Diamond’s Rendition)
  19. Feel All The Life