Broadly classified as a progressive rock band, Through Infinity, founded and led by the guitarist, songwriter, and author, Josip Pesut, appeared on the streaming platforms as a studio project in December of 2017. Their debut album ‘The Life’ featured rearranged, finished, and polished instrumentals that had incepted the whole story during the 2010s when Josip was still performing as a solo guitarist. It is a reminder that, when put into practice, creativity consists of several vital stages of which the avid ones imply the element of the most precious currency of this world: time. Symbolically enough to inspire the band’s logo, eight years have gone by from the moment when the studio work had begun to the day when the debut releases saw the daylight … because life had intervened and scrambled up the people, the plans, and the options, although the vision remained intact.

Just like a parent would take his child by the hand and lead it through life until it stands on his feet to watch out for himself, Josip treated Through Infinity in such a cordial manner, thoroughly envisioning, planning, and fueling its projects with selfless devotion, financial investment, and clear direction. Ever since the band entered the studio in 2017, it kept gradually evolving, recording, filming music videos and live performances, gaining weight and significance with the fresh songs, employing the best regional musicians and world-renowned producers.

In 2019, following the release of the acoustic album which had highlighted Mario Huljev as the lead singer, the band was set to become a steady touring act that would make the entirety of Europe a second home, with the focus on the UK. The 2020 pandemic has had a very negative impact on the plan’s effectuation and the tightness of partnerships bound to the tour-related contracts hasn’t been strong enough to prevail the immense stress, which eventually brought the project back to square one and prevented the release of ‘The Afterlife’ album, postponing it for what would turn out to be another two years.

The anno domini, 2022, marks Through Infinity’s new beginning, ignited by the release of a live album ‘Live @ KUC Travno 10 – 10 – 19’ and the full-length studio album reasonably dubbed ‘The Afterlife’.

Studio releases: