Through Acoustic Infinity Vol 1 (digipak)


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Published in April of 2019, this collection of songs played in an intimate acoustic atmosphere, has made it into the hands of Abbey Road Studios producer Andrew Walter, who mastered the mix the band’s own Tomo Bacurin had mixed at Longplay Studio in Zagreb. This album features songs that were to announce the forthcoming albums featuring a powerhouse vocalist Mario Huljev … but got postponed due to numerous circumstances emerging from the pandemic. Thus, those songs rose to life in an acoustic arrangement prior to the classic, full-lineup orchestration. It is a soothing voyage through the emotions portrayed with raw virtuosity and passion.



  • Mario Huljev – vocals
  • Josip Pesut – acoustic guitar
  • Damir Somen – percussion
  • Tomislav Lackovic – bass guitar
  • Tomo Bacurin ‘Diamond’ – piano
  • Giuliana Alimoski – flute



  1. Still Not Enough
  2. Only One Thing
  3. Feel All The Life
  4. Didn’t Even Make A Sound
  5. Only Time Will Tell (Eliza)
  6. Lu
  7. No Tears Can Replace You
  8. Side By Side
  9. The Sight Of An Eagle
  10. The Stardust Sign



  • 40 min 26 sec

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