The Afterlife is published since the 29th of July, 2022!

Symbolically, the title offers a glimpse at the revival of past ideas in a brand-new coating of musicianship and production, in the fashion of circumstances that have encumbered its creators, mostly concerning the well-anticipated UK & Ireland tour. Songs that had been previously published on the band’s 2017 debut album ‘The Life’ (‘Try To Find The Hope’, ‘Eliza’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Sight Of An Eagle’, and ‘The Life’) have been bestowed with prudently and boldly executed vocals by Mario Huljev. The songs from the acoustic album released in 2019 (‘Only One Thing’, ‘Side By Side’, ‘Didn’t Even Make A Sound’, and ‘Still Not Enough’) gained themselves a new arrangement, imbued in tasteful performance with a clear yet balanced focused on the individual instruments. The album also features the single ‘Dreaming Of Victories’, inspired by the life story of Luka Modric who had led Croatia to their first-ever finals of the FIFA World Cup. Closing the chapter is a mystical and captivating instrumental carrying the name of the album, easily leaving the listener doused in thoughts and intrigue about what will be coming next from Through Infinity.

To give it the world-class polish that the album rightfully deserves, the band has gone to Abbey Road Studios, London where they had arranged the mastering session with none other than Frank Arkwright, known for his highlighted achievements with Elton John (‘Candle In The Wind’), Coldplay (‘The Scientist’), System Of A Down (‘Mezmerize’), Blur, Arcade Fire, The Smiths, The Killers, Joy Division/New Order, among many others.


  • Mario Huljev – vocals
  • Josip Pesut – acoustic and electric guitar
  • Damir Somen – drums and percussion
  • Tomislav Lackovic – bass guitar
  • Tomo Bacurin ‘Diamond’ – keyboards and piano
  • Giuliana Alimoski – flute

Produced by:


1. Only One Thing

This is the story of how I almost lost you forever

We took our love for granted thinking this would be never

Yet some things happened, unexpected

And we claimed to be so strong

That together we’re protected

Suddenly we’re forgetting the best things between us

There’s nothing we’ll be getting by losing all the trust

Yet some things happened, unexpected

And we claimed to be so strong

That together we’re protected

Only one thing

Only one word

Only one situation out of control

Only one time

I made you feel like you’re not the only one

And that is where our ending began

But we hope this stays somewhere far behind…

“So much about this song happened naturally. All by itself. The way it came to me, the way the band grasped it and then recorded their takes, even the way it fits us when we play it live. We’ve done our best to capture that genuineness in the studio, and despite being a sort-of laid-back power ballad, the song earned its privilege to open the album.”

2. Side By Side

I always thought that you would never go away

That you’d find a place to stay on my shoulder

I always dreamed of things you never could believe in

There are a thousand ways to leave me, don’t bother

I always knew there was something deeper between us

A different kind of love in your eyes

I always dreamed of things you never could believe in

There are a thousand ways to leave, but no reasons why

The wind still shakes the leaves, but they’re never falling off

On the tree of memories and all things that have mattered most

When the autumn ends, that’s the place to return to

Looking for ourselves

Looking for all things we’ve let go

But I believe it’s meant to be

‘Coz you are you and I am me

If we ever do forgive our pride

We could walk these roads of life

Side by side

“This song is about the long-lasting friendships, some of which keep the band together for a pretty long time now (God, does time fly by fast!). Whoever heard the acoustic version might notice that this arrangement only slightly deviates from its original composition, which was semi-intentional because we could take the song anywhere we wanted, perhaps even too far from what it’s meant to be.”

3. Didn’t Even Make A Sound

There’ve been countless roads to walk

There’ve been many words to say

There’ve been a thousand things to do to find our way

There’ve been the hardest challenges

Temptations to resist

We’ve been taking all the trains everybody else has missed

There’ve been many barricades

From our pasts, before we’ve met

It’s so easy to forgive, but how could we forget?

There’ve been the hardest challenges

Temptations to resist

We’ve been taking all the trains everybody else has missed

It’s been so easy loving you

Time has passed, we never knew

It’s been so easy having you around

Life has passed and it didn’t even make a sound

“This song, like many other beautiful things in my life, came out of the blue. I simply took the guitar in my hands and started playing, humming the melody, while the lyrics came about as if they were always there, just waiting for me to tap into them. Spontaneous things are often the best, and ‘Didn’t Even Make A Sound’, in my explicitly subjective opinion, is one of the tracks that carry this whole album.”

4. Only Time Will Tell (Eliza)

I’ve felt you in my heart

I’ve known you in my soul

Long before you were even born

You’re the wildest dream come true

A shape of love I never knew

The purpose of it all

When a star fell down in a starry skies

You showed up to be the truth in all the lies

Only time will tell, only time will tell

How much I love you

Only you will know, only you will know

How much you mean to me

“I was listening to ‘The Life’ album in my car, when I realized, halfway into the song, that I started singing along to it, a perfectly suiting melody that came along with the lyrics in the chorus that will have ultimately made it in the song’s final version. To make an acoustic version of this mellow song was the most natural thing in this world. To elevate the original full-band version with Mario’s vocals was but pure pleasure.”

5. Still Not Enough

I’m looking at you while you’re sleeping

Wondering of what you’re dreaming

All I am right now

Is slipping through my fingers

As you’re dreaming of somebody else

As you’re dreaming of someplace else

Touch your hand and look above

Falling stars, a cosmic show

Another sign that I should know

When it’s time to let you go

All I am right now

Is slipping through my fingers

As you’re dreaming of somebody else

As you’re dreaming of someplace else

I can feel we fell apart

In a golden cage with broken hearts

Tell me aren’t we happy now

We have it all, still not enough

I can feel we’re different now

Don’t know how and don’t know why

We turned to strangers to ourselves

We had it all, still not enough

“The guitar riff introducing the song was lying around as an idea for a very long time before the melody and lyrics came about. The night when they came I must have written five other songs, among which were ‘Only One Thing’ and ‘Side By Side’. It just happens sometimes, that inspiration guides you to a state of creativity you cannot force nor impose upon yourself in any artificial way. Although, the topic of this song pretty much explains the nonsensical discontent that was present in my relationship at the time. We had it all, still not enough.”

6. The Search For Freedom (In The Endless Sky)

The search for freedom in the endless sky

When we learn the secrets of the universe

Looking back at itself in the mirror of human consciousness

Then we’ll see the reason why all stories must be said

In a way, every role is to witness and to self-reflect

Make no presumptions of possible realities

The mother of creation

Assembles through infinity

While stargazing at your eyes

From zenith to all sides

I am healed by love

Yes, all I feel is love

There’s nothing here as lies

No pretension and no alibis

Just overwhelming love

Yes, all I feel is love

Am I dreaming? Should I be screaming

Or let go of every fear when non-existence disappears

My wings are burning while I’m learning

That the Sun is life and death, now I see what’s up ahead

The search for freedom in the endless sky

The brightest of all the stars

The search for freedom in the endless sky

A goalless race without a start

A million light-years we’re apart

In a supercluster of a billion galaxies

The lonesome planet drifting to no star

Being drawn to your godly energy

How can I feel you when you’re still so far

Yet, when I doubt you I can say you’re happening

A distant world inside of my heart

Taken out by your godly energy

“Oh… Freedom. With this one, we barely scratched the surface of what Through Infinity really stands for. The ambient electronic version that you can find on ‘The Life’ album must have difficult time trying to fit the shoes of what we’ve done here. Juicy solos, elaborated keyboards and melodies, emphasized enough to respond to the mellifluous yet straightforward vocals; I like how the band opened up about making a monumental track with a free direction. At times, this song can take the listener somewhere up there, and then it brings him back where he came from and then some.”

7. Feel All The Life

Feel all the life

This moment now is everything you’ve got

Feel all the life

Don’t worry about the future, don’t worry about the past

Let go of your fears

And hold on to your dreams

Only your heart knows

Things are not as they seem to be

Feel all the life

Believe in yourself, belong to the stars

Feel all the life

Still everything changes inside out

Let go of your fears

And hold on to your dreams

Only your heart knows

Things are not as they seem to be

Everytime you fall you get up

And thank God you’re still breathing

Everytime you fall you get up

And never stop believing

“Because the chorus so tastefully fit into the arrangement, I didn’t feel bad about altering its original structure anymore. The lead-guitar based chorus I had recorded way way back, when I got to meet Diamond and record at his studio for the first time, was like a totem I would pray to whenever I hit the stage on my own and didn’t know how to involve the audience. Now it’s something different, leaning towards some rock-infused EDM. And live, it leans towards some uplifting gospel. This song, it really gives you options … as long as you can see them.”

8. Dreaming Of Victories

When we were children

We were dreaming of victories

And when your dreams come true

You forget about all defeats

When we were children

We believed in everything

But now we know that dreams

Are not just a thing

When we were children

We were taking all the risk

‘Coz we made damn sure

Any chances don’t get ever missed

But now we know how big things get

When our will is fierce

Dreaming of victories

The throne is our place to be

“Dear God, how we all cheered when Croatia broke its path to the finals of FIFA World Cup 2018. Match by match, struggle after struggle … war after war … the boys gave their hearts on the field, and when they made it to face France, I couldn’t help but write a song about this enthralling experience. Besides being inspired by the team’s success, I was more driven by the life story of Luka Modric, who was raised in considerably remote area (in a place near the locations where we had filmed the music video for The Sight Of An Eagle), and despite battling incredibly heavy ordeals when the Homeland War broke out, despite being told he would have never made it in football because his small physical appearance, he worked so hard and got where he is today. That man is a living legend.”

9. Stay Strong (Try To Find The Hope)

There comes a time

When you stand at the end of the line

And it seems there’s no way through

There goes your chance

To hold the ground and be sublime

And still you’ve got so much to prove

There comes a time

When you realize they’ll give

A promise they can’t keep

Don’t be surprised

When some things that seemed so real

Were like a dream deep within the sleep

So many people lose sight of their potential

They accept to be diminished and displaced in no creation

So many people never meet the true themselves

They wander off to limits of being someone else

Stay strong – try to find the hope

Stay strong – better days will come

Stay strong – try to find the hope

Instead of wiping tears off your face

Never mind those who made your ways

When they say your ships have left the port

They forget you’re needing no support

Don’t compare yourself to anybody else

Only you can build your destiny yourself

“I played this song so many times as a solo guitarist performing over backing tracks, and yet it never occurred to me that I could write melodies and lyrics for it … until we decided to go for a full-length album with Mario Huljev as the singer. When you have a voice of his strength and range at disposal, as a songwriter, the only limits you might have are the ones you impose upon yourself, although I naively thought it’d be a challenge for him to sing out such an optimistic topic. He’s done it excellently. He sang so well that when we went to Abbey Road to do the mastering with Frank Arkwright, he praised him by comparing him to Chris Cornell. And rightfully so.”

10. The Sight Of An Eagle

The mirror across the mirror

This life we live so blind

To dreams that slip through fingers

In the wake of a sleeping mind

When you make a step forward

Let go of inner fears

Like a rock, they’re bound to the soul

And they drown us all these years

We all seek for peace and calm

But we know the storm will come

We are ready for all things

Let’s hold our hands and let’s be strong

If we hear the bells that toll

On the mountain, high above

Don’t you worry we’re together

All for one and one for all

When light is seen no more

The faith will open doors

With the guidance of our leaders

Wrongs ways are shown

With the sight of an eagle

And the heart of a stone

“Now this is the version of this song I had imagined when I wrote it being barely 18. The only difference from there and now was that I didn’t know the right people to pull it off, nor I had the means to fund the project. Something tells me this hymn might last for a long time.”

11. The Afterlife

Stardust signs in our flesh and our bones

They’re the long-lost map of how do we get back home

Stardust signs are found in everything, dead or alive

It’s a proof of consistent rules on which the universe drives

When all planets and Sun align

You will see the stardust sign

“I wrote this instrumental also during teenage days, on a Sunday after a long night spent partying, and it held a work title ‘Sparks’. The tune, however, stood untouched for more than twelve years before I found the right spot for it in Through Infinity releases. Diamond and Laci have added that something extra to the vibe which I haven’t even suspected, and that’s the beauty of proper teamwork. I reckon that whoever finishes listening to the album will have a lot of ideas on where we’re going to go with our music in our coming albums … but I somehow doubt anyone would guess right.”