Space Factions is a sci-fi novel series about how the collision of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies brought its unexpected burdens as the extremely violent races found the wormhole corridors to begin their expansion, and thus, obliteration of the weaker creatures. Trillions and trillions of lives are at stake, even after the First Wave has ended in the favor of the Alliance, formed by all factions of the Milky Way galaxy. The stories speak of adventures that the main characters of the species have gone through while battling the invading, Red Faction and dealing with the circumstances emerging from the various celestial and/or internal events.


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In the area completely polluted by the debris of destroyed Allied and Red spaceships, the Cyridonian officer Syew is gone missing along with his crew. The rumors are that he was searching for the remains of a Stryngar body which he was to use for genetic experiments led by a human scientist, doctor Seymour. They were attempting to create a being capable of thriving in harsh conditions of Yrdum, a planet in Gliese 887 solar system.

Arxians have temporarily prohibited the practice of thought-materialization and the sales of horror novels, as deadly encounters with Arwen that they had grown in a laboratory emerged. As soon as it broke loose, the Arwen killed its creator; the scientist who was the pioneer of the thought-materialization branch. Bizarre as it sounds, the situation had manifested from a horror novel that the brother of that scientist wrote. The dangerous creature they accidentally summoned into reality played the main character of the fiction.

A colony of 2000 members traveled to a planet 1402 light-years away from their home, with a mission to build a self-sustaining civilization. The newcomers, however, had to face a menace from the Red Faction. Two dozen Stryngars wondered off to the planet during the First Wave and built a base. They perceived humans as a source of food.

Following an orbital collider accident, an artificial black hole devoured their M-class planet in the constellation Cygnus. The survivors who had managed to escape were forced to live in deep space until they’d find shelter in the adjacent solar system.

A clairvoyant foresees the meteorite shower bringing alien life on Earth. Thereafter, the infected humans, animals, and certain plants undergo a severe behavioral and physical alteration, carrying out the alien agenda of rapid evolution into horrible creatures and then breeding until their number would suffice for the collection. 

Martian fungi spores killed hundreds and prevented the building of an underground city. As the human workers broke a corridor towards a cave with amiable life conditions, they got infected with a rare spore of fungi. The infected had no cure and died in a matter of hours. The epidemic broke out, resulting in many casualties. Until the cure was to be found, entry to the cave got forbidden.

The world gains a different face after the announcement of extinction event asteroid collision and an unexpected burst of X-class solar flare: technology fails, food becomes scarce, the moral values fade, and the psychopaths prevail.
Welcome to the dark dimension of our universe. Witness the most obscure conspiracies. Feel how it is when the pillars of society crumble beyond repair.
See what happens when the hopeless human race falls into the Chasm, and God’s hand isn’t there to pull it out.

The continuation of The Chasm.

A standalone chapter of The Chasm (Book Three).

In the darkest period of the Chasm, Denver hit the rock bottom. Its residents are lacking food supplies, water, roofs above their heads, and they’re forming into Clans to hold their grounds and claim new territories. Among them, Jack Sterling with his wife Alice, and John Elmour with his baby son Justin, search for a peaceful corner at George Barry’s home. They didn’t know that George was a born leader of a newfound Clan that will repel the horde from the south. What waits for them is an adventure, war, and unprecedented horror.

While exploring the freshly colonized planet Proxima B in the Alpha Centauri constellation, human settlers faced the dangers of unknown and intelligent alien species dwelling in the underground. After the first expedition in the vast cave system returned diminished, an armed company of explorers and soldiers was sent there only to face the same destiny.